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Provision flight safety at height

QMS certification
ISO 9001:2016

The high-precision, automatic, safe, fast and economical flight inspections of Beechcraft King Air 350 (В-300) aircraft equipped with the Aerodata automatic flight control system (AD-AFIS-111) of navigation equipment for air traffic safety.


Safety at height provides our crew of professionals aboard an American aircraft Beechcraft Super King Air 350 (B300)

The ONLY ONE in the Republic of Kazakhstan

ONLY our Company in Kazakhstan has on board of plane and uses high-precision equipment AD-AFIS-111 (Aerodata AG, DE) for flight inspections of ground navigation and light-signal systems of airports.

High precision at height

The AD-AFIS-111 (produced and equipped by Aerodata AG, DE) on board of our aircraft provides high precision and reliable measurements of ground equipment in automatic mode, exclude the human factor in the results of inspections.

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The safety of aircraft operations mainly depends on the introduction of the innovation technologies and the provision of air traffic safety.

  “Air Control” JSC successfully solves these two most important tasks, thanks to the work of a reliable cohesive team of the like-minded staff, the real professionals in their field.

  We are moving forward: constantly improving, introducing and using new technologies in the field of services for providing flight inspections of the radio navigation and lighting equipment of airports.

   Our Company is one of the most successful companies in the countries of Central Asia and the CIS. We have the most modern flyby system; it allows you to respond to the needs of customers without delay, ensuring timely and high-quality flight inspections.

President of Air Control JSC
Mr. Khalil R. Seifulin