About us

    Our Company was established in 2008 on the basis of the airline “IJT-Aviation”, which was owner of aircrafts of civil aviation.

    Air Control Company’s staff have the own pilots crew. The Company provides the service of Aircraft Operator. We provide the possibility no airlines companies – owners of aircrafts, to flight under our flag and support of aircraft airworthiness.

    Over the entire period of the Company’s activity, our staff performed a number of specific works: air flights, special flights, flights inspections, aerial photography, flights with laser scanning. We participated in the implementation of WGS-84, contributing to the development of air navigation in civil aviation and geodesy in Kazakhstan.

    The main service of the Company is the performance of flight checks of ground-based air navigation equipment and light-signal systems of airports and aerodromes.

    AirControl has wide experience in successfully conducting flight inspections at many airports in Central and Central Asia.

    The special value and competitive advantage of our flight checks consists in the use of special equipment installed on board our aircraft.

    Our American aircraft Beechcraft Super King Air 350 (B-300) is equipped the Automatic Flight Check Complex AD-AFIS-111, produced by the world flagman of manufacturing the sophisticated highly flight inspection systems by the German company Aerodata AG.

    AD-AFIS-111 equipment makes automatic measurements without additional manual calculations, which guarantees high accuracy of the results of the checks, excluding the factor of human error. AD-AFIS provides navigation measurement systems for ILS, VOR, DME, NDB, RNAV, PAPI, DME / DME.

    The power and speed of our aircraft allows provide the inspection flights to be performed more efficiently. To conduct a flight inspection, our aircraft does not need to flight a long time above airports.

Our aircraft is ideal for flight inspections: it’s light enough for maneuvers, and weighty enough to test the landing system.

    The flight time of our aircraft when performing flight inspection is optimally short, but provides getting the high precision of data. Flight inspections of our Company are not processed additionally and provide the correct data right away, and only we can work such in Kazakhstan!

Our team

The high-caliber experienced professionals with special education


Mr. Khalil R. Seifulin

8 701 722 5618

Chief Pilot

Mr. Anatoliy Kiselev

8 701 924 2968

Aviation Safety

Mr. Rakhman A. Ospanov

8 701 395 1370

Engineering and Aviation Service

Mr. Alexandr N. Bazanov

+7 776 760 7601

Finance & Accounting

Mrs. Olesya A. Prudko

8 705 184 5178


Mrs. Tatyana A. Park

8 701 796 7877